God's eye

An ancient prayer practice that dates back to Ignatius of Loyola

An examen is:

1. Becoming aware of God’s presence.

2. Reviewing the day with gratitude.

3. Paying attention to your emotions.

4. Choosing one feature of the day and to pray from it.

5. Looking toward tomorrow.



As you gather your thoughts, take a breath, and allow the Holy Spirit to calm your mind, ask the Holy Spirit, 

“How the experiences of this past week, have drawn you closer to God….”

How did the experiences of this past week 

help you to grow in your faith?

How did these experiences make you more 

generous with your time or your talents?

How did the experiences make you feel 

more alive, whole or human?

How did the experiences challenge you 

to grow in your life?

Did any of the experiences lead you 

away from God?

Did any experiences make you feel less 

hopeful, faithful or loving?

Did any experiences cause you to become 

more self-centered or anxious?

Did any experiences lure you toward 

self-doubt or confusion?

Did any experiences lead to any 

breakdowns in relationships?

Then, be still and know that God is God. That our loving and healing God desires you to be whole, spiritually and emotionally healthy – and that the grace of God, that surpasses all understanding, has the power to sustain you and your life.

As I enter prayer now, I pause to be still; to breath slowly, to re-center my scattered sense upon the presence of God.-from the Lectio 365 app

Questions included are strongly related to those in Ted Bolsinger’s book
“Tempered Resilience”.